The following is to give you a general idea of what is offered when you join

You can click on the links and print them out, then print this page.

To Join you can use this link

The following should give you an idea of the amount of great info and services being offered:

Information on business opportunities

    comprehensive directory of programs with ratings and comments

        alerts to new programs

        archive of alerts

        if you are the first to alert about a new program bizopps may join under you if they join at all

        view comments from the community about good and problem programs in the forums and discussions generally on different topics.

        free website to showcase up to 15 programs at one website

        extra features of showing

                  all programs in the one window actual websites shown - suits fast connections

                  or use a rotator

          previous suite of programs being incorporated into

          I just found a page that describes the sites below

 this is the page I found

               the links below are probably the same on the page that the link above refers to






       not available

                Search Engine Submission not available

                Downline Mailer - information on other pages, links at the end of the page

                banners - information on other pages, links at the end of the page

         Webhits 101 course becoming available

           free text and voice chat conferencing for your use

           join external affiliate program to sell orbitalk packages - get people to try before they buy


           my personal favourite - the website which initially showed me the wonder of MLM with a great product

           top level domain registration and management - free url and email forwarding

           free 10 page websites coming 

           possible to buy your own domain names for $7.50 and earn commissions on others

           includes your own fully functioning domains shop

                 very general overview of the programs

         the place to go to login and get your link for 

                 detailed outline of the matrix program that is being put together for access to the programs


                            outline of two programs coming


                            describes some ways of generating incomes  coming soon

                you can sell the extra hits that have been bought from the co-op  coming soon

                           fully catologued and SEARCHABLE bookstore comingsoon

                 pay per click search engine coming soon

                Sell websites of the major Multilevel Ad websites 50% commission not sure about this one.

There are probably others I have missed but this gives you an idea

Some good pages to go to

   Each of the websites description can be added to and embelished

   This is all I had time for today