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by Glenn Wallace

The purchase of a domain name is probably the single most
influential investment you will make on the internet.

You definitely should have your business name registered as
a domain name. This will transfer the goodwill that is in 
your current name to the internet.

You should also have another domain name which would be 
generic in nature which expresses what you are offering and 
is easily recognisable. This is a great way of attracting 
new customers and retaining current customers.

It is also a good idea to have a shortened version of your 
domain name so that existing customers have a quick way of 
accessing your website.

Some Reasons why you should have your own domain name.


Your potential customer is going to be more influenced, 
feel more comfortable to do business with you if you have 
your own domain name. The better the domain name the more 
attention you will command. If you have a great domain name 
you will earn instant respect from your potential customer. 
The customer will already be partly presold before they 
read any deatils of your offer. A great generic type domain 
name sets you apart from your competition. You really stand 
out from the crowd.

Increase Exposure

Alot of the search engines these days look at the domain 
name as one of the factors which determine how high to rank 
your site in the search engine listings.

If your domain name includes some keywords that your 
potential customers will be using to search for your type 
of sites then they are more likely to find you if you have 
a domain name that includes those keywords. For this 
purpose it doesn't really matter whether it is a .com, .net 
etc it is the keywords that matter. There have been new 
domain name extensions recently eg .biz and .info. This has 
greatly increased the chance of getting a great keyword 
domain name.


If you have a great domain name you will get the benefit of 
using it while you have it and you can always sell it if 
you decide that you no longer need the domain name. The 
.com names have the best recognition and resale value.

How to get a great domain name.

The cheapest way of getting a great domain name is to 
register a name that is still available. There are still 
great domain names available if you use a bit of creativity 
and imagination. It is possible to register a top level 
domain name for as low as $7.50, and receive commissions so 
that you actually make a handsome profit. It is free and 
you don't need to do any selling to receive commissions.

Go to

There are also some tools which will help you in your 

Approximately two years ago alot of domain names were 
registered. At the time you had to register them for a 
minimum of two years. This means that they are now coming 
up for registration and often people don't renew their 
domain names for one reason or another. You can search 
these names for free. It also a great way of getting ideas 
to create your own domain names.

Go to

To assist you in selecting keywords to use in your domain

I hope this article has been of some assistance and I wish 
you every success in your endeavours.

For some great free internet resources please feel free to 
visit my main site  click on Internet Resources 

or email me

End of Article


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